15 Ekim 2017 Pazar

5. Sınıf İngilizce Dersi Konu Anlatımları

Merhaba bu yazı dizimizde artık okula yönelik ingilizce derslerini de anlatmaya başlayacağız. İlk serimiz ortaokul 5. sınıf ingilizce dersi ile başlayacak.

Şimdi 5. sınıf ingilizce ders konularını bir başlık altında toplayalım, konu ayrıntılarına linklere tıklayarak ulaşabilirsiniz.
İyi dersler.

1. Ünite Hello! – Merhaba!
# Expressing likes and dislikes (Beğenilerini ve sevmediklerini ifade etmek)
# Greeting and meeting people (Tebrikler ve insanlarla tanışmak)
# Making simple inquiries (Basit araştırma yapmak)

2. Ünite My Town – Kasabam
# Asking for and giving directions (Excuse me, how can i get to the city center?)
# Talking about locations of things and people (Where are you? I’m at the library.)

3. Ünite Games and Hobbies – Oyunlar ve Hobiler
# Describing what people do regularly (Do you play …? No, I don’t. What are your hobbies? Playing chess and tennis.)
# Expressing ability and inability (Can you play …?)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (likes, don’t likes)

4. Ünite My Daily Routine – Günlük Rutinim
# Describing what people do regularly. (What time do …? When do you …?)
# Telling the time (What time is it? It’s half past nine.)
# Naming numbers (Numbers from 50 to 100)

5. Ünite Health – Sağlık
# Expressing illnesses, needs and feelings (I feel cold. I have the fly. I have a fever.)
# Making simple suggestions (You should stay in bed. Have a rest. Visit a doctor.)

6. Ünite Movies – Filmler
# Describing characters/people (Superman is very strong/brave/…)
# Expressing likes and dislikes (I don‘t like/dislike/hate horror movies.)
# Making simple inquiries (What is the movie about?)
# Stating personal opinions (I think Superman is brave.)
# Telling the time (What time is the movie? — It‘s at seven o‘clock.)

7. Ünite Party Time – Parti Zamanı
# Asking for permission (Mom, can I have a birthday party? — Sure/For sure.)
# Expressing and responding to thanks (This is lovely, thanks/Thank you very much. — You‘re (most) welcome.)
# Greeting and meeting people (— Welcome! — Nice to see you!)
# Expressing obligation (I must go to the birthday party.)
# Telling the days and dates (When‘s your birthday?)

8. Ünite Fitness – Fitness
# Making simple inquiries (Can you …? What is your favorite …? Which exercise/sports do you like?)
# Asking for clarification (Sorry, can/could you repeat that,
# Making/accepting/refusing simple suggestions (Let’s go …, That sounds great. # How about …? Sorry. I can’t now.)

9. Ünite The Animal Shelter – Hayvan Barınağı
# Asking for permission (Can we …? can I feed …? Of course … That’s not a good idea.)
# Describing what people/animals are doing now (What is/are … doing? The cat is climbing the tree.)

10. Ünite Festivals – Festivaller
# Describing general events and repeated actions (How does Ayşe celebrate Ramadan? — She visits her relatives.)
# Naming numbers (numbers 100, 200, …, 1000)

Böylelikle yukarıdaki dersleri takip ederek 5. sınıf ingilizce konu anlatımı, 5. sınıf ingilizce yazılı soruları, 5. sınıf ingilizce testleri ve ünitelerinden haberdar olacaksınız.

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